Our Story – An Organic Couple

Gleba Farms, LLC is a newly established, organic 52 acre farm in Batavia, NY.  As a husband and wife team, we began the farm to create a balanced and sustainable homestead. From the beginning, we’ve committed ourselves to improving the quality of both the farm and the environment. In the process we have enriched not only our own lives but the lives of our friends and family.

The community supported agriculture program we started this past spring created a lot of great relationships with our community and was a very good learning experience for us as young farmers.  Our members received 22 weeks of fresh vegetables and eggs from our farm.

We started the farm in 2016 with American Guinea Hogs, Heritage Breed Turkeys, Chickens, vegetables and herbs. In addition to our livestock and vegetable garden, we have cultivated a 7 acre Agroforest, comprised of Black Walnuts, Black Raspberries and a variety of Christmas trees. We adopted this practice to create more diverse, productive and sustainable land-use systems.

We do not and have never used any chemical fertilizers, herbicides or harmful pesticides. The hog house is full of winter accumulated manure which will be cleaned out every spring, mixed with composted chicken manure from a local organic chicken farm and carefully harrowed by hand to the vegetable rows.

Since we started the farm, we have found if you work hard enough, sometimes you get lucky.  There are no short cuts, it takes time and it takes money and it takes reflection to properly care for the land and livestock.  We’ve had a few great farmers and members from the community help us along the way.